As agreed

Our services deliver what they promise: quality, precision and complete reliability.

We offer our customers complete professional solutions from a single source – from mechanical engineering through component manufacturing to component assembly, no matter what material and quantity.



Our core competency

Turning is one of our company's core competencies. We are currently using eleven turning centres and sliding headstock automatic lathes. Our highly automated machine park is equipped with excellent machinery, and allows us to tackle highly complex projects of all sizes in a short space of time, from prototypes to series production. Exactly as agreed with the customer

Turning range of up to 32 mm in diameter

Our sliding headstock automatic lathe with 15 axes performs the most complex production tasks, with a bar stock diameter of up to 32 mm. We can process parts with an overall length of up to 950 mm.

Our lathes:

OKUMA MULTUS 4000 multitasking machines (DM430x300)

Index C200
Fixed headstock automatic turning milling machine (DM65x80)

OKUMA LT2000EX II-MY turning milling centre (DM65x120)

OKUMA Mac Turn
Multitasking machine (DM260x250)

Fixed headstock automatic lathe (DM42x80)

Single spindle CNC lathe with short bar feeder (DM150x150)

Sliding headstock automatic lathe (DM32x950)

GD 32
Sliding headstock automatic lathe (DM32x330)

GD 16
Sliding headstock automatic lathe (DM15x80)

MF Sprint 65
Fixed headstock automatic lathe (DM65x80)

CNC lathe (DM140x100)

OKUMA Multus Multus turning milling centre



Almost any material

With our powerful CNC milling machines we can process almost any machinable material used in mechanical engineering. This includes steel, castings, brass, aluminium, plastic, and welded structures.

Our milling machines:

Hitachi Seiki HG 500




Tailor-made solutions from a single source

Our various machines enable us to offer professional solutions from a single source – from planning and design to manufacturing. Thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D SOLIDS WORKS programs we can meet the specific requirements of our customers very quickly and with a high degree of flexibility.

CAM System

With the help of our CAM system we can create CNC programs for machining centres in a very short time. This allows us to react quickly to customer requests, and to manufacture very intricate and complex parts in a short space of time.



Precision made and assembled.

If required, we also handle the assembly of components after manufacturing. We put together various components with millimetre accuracy, strictly following customer requirements and plans. Our technical equipment allows for completely grease-free and dust-free assembly. We ensure the high quality of each module with standardised functionality tests, which we carry out for our customers. We are also happy to arrange for delivery, shipping machine parts fully assembled, ready to use, and individually packaged to countries anywhere in the world.

Here's what we offer:

  • Assembly of even complex components such as machine modules, including pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Dust-free and grease-free assembly, vacuumed if required
  • Standardised functionality tests
  • Packaging suitable for worldwide delivery
Paint and metal work

Paint and metal work

Close collaboration with specialists

If required, we carry out metal work for our customers. We have worked together closely with the same partner companies for many years. The benefit for our customers: complete professional solutions from a single source, and only one point of contact.



Successful collaboration does not start with production and does not end with delivery. We provide professional support for our customers every step of the way. From development, through production to later services.

Anyone planning to develop a new machine part is familiar with these questions: Can it be implemented? And is it economical? What issues could arise later on when using the part? We are happy to accompany our customers during the planning stage, and we analyse, discuss and optimise the project together to implement the best possible solution. For us, effective collaboration does not end with delivery. We provide competent and reliable support to our customers for years to come, for example when it comes to repairs or other services.